4. Travanj 2016.
Two essential places of interreligious dialogue

Lugano, (IKA) - The "theology/World Religions" of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences has organized, in cooperation with the Chair "Antonio Rosmini" Faculty of Theology in Lugano, Switzerland, Symposium, which is just an expression of awareness of responsibility and the necessary actions aimed at familiarizing, rapprochement and dialogue between religions.

The symposium was held from 31 March to 2 April 2016 at the Faculty of Theology in Lugano on "Two essential places of interreligious dialogue - New talks beyond the current impasses dialogue".

The meeting was attended by about forty experts, mainly theologian and theologians, and scientists from other allied disciplines, which allowed not only fruitful international and inter-religious, but also interdisciplinary debate and reflection. Speakers and participants came from a number of countries: Albania, Austria, Egypt, Croatian, Iran, Italy, Colombia, Latvia, Macedonia, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey.

Special guests of the symposium were former presidents of Albania and Latvia Mr. Sali Berisha and Valdis Zatlers. The stimulus presentation of Christian and Muslim speakers at the meeting has been thought and discussion about the relationship between religion and society and religion and state in the 21st century, the issues and the new challenges that are put in front of all these factors that affect the design life of individuals and peoples in the world today.

The debate also touched the political, economic and cultural aspects of the problem, which is now extremely important for many areas, especially in education and media activities. The differences between religions and worldviews that characterize the identity of a person perceived as both the Christian and from the Islamic perspective as a basis for inter-religious dialogue and intercultural encounters. Several exposure stopped the attention to spiritual (mystical) experience in religions, its positive psychological effects, the similarities and differences within religions in this regard, and the language and poetic prose narrative that in all religious traditions transmitted religious and moral values and lets meet and dialogue among believers of different religions.

Part of the program was held at the Pastoral Center of St. Joseph in Lugano in the form of round table and public discussion which was attended by the general public concerned. In this part of the symposium spoke about the tasks of inter-religious dialogue especially representatives of religious communities - Bishop of Lugano, Msgr. Valerio Lazzeri and Milan have Sergio Yahe Pallavicini, then representatives of the community of Sant'Egidio, Oasis Foundation of Milan, president of Executive Council of Houses of Islamic culture in Milan and a representative of the Italian Buddhist Institute.

Numerous meetings and conversations beyond the official program were enriching, truly small steps to better mutual understanding, rapprochement and dialogue, and what were the goals of the symposium itself. The only participant in the event, from Croatia was Dr Ana Sr Thea Filipović, a professor of religious pedagogy and catechetics at the Catholic Theological Faculty in Zagreb and member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. 

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