Who we are

By the number not big (about 60 members), but with Pontifical right, this religious congregation is one of seven Congregations with common roots whose inspiration dates back to the 16th century. Each congregation has its own history, and all together the same mission: to create the new world of God through education.

We Sisters of Our Lady have one Love and without Him our lives cannot be understood. This Love is Christ, our Lord and heavenly bridegroom. When we are connected in Him, our community as sisters is unbreakable. In the Eucharist, we realize how much God loves us and how much we need him. Therefore, our every day begins with the Liturgy of the Hours and Holy Mass. Here we receive strength for the work that awaits us. Here our soul is filled with amazing energy, which then shines to the others through our live and work.

Our love for Christ and fellow man is inspired by our heavenly Mother Mary. She teaches us to believe, to listen to the word of God and meditate upon it. We venerate her as the Mother of our community. Well remember her words at Cana: “Do whatever he tells you!” That is how we learn to do the will of God.